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There are a lot of illegal minibuses on the road, some claim to be legal but are not. They may tell you they are but follow the steps below to see if they are
legal or not
Things to ask when booking a minibus or coach
What is the operators PB number
What kind of insurance do they have
(please feel free to give us a call for more information)
How much is their public liability insurance
(please feel free to give us a call for more information)
Have their drivers taken the driver CPC course
(the law changes on 10/09/2013 please see below)
What to look for on a minibus or coach
On the front windscreen the should be an Orange, Blue or Green disc that looks like a tax disc. This will have the operators PB number on
On the bottom of the passenger door or on the passenger side of the vehicle there should be the operators legals which will include the operators name trading name and trading address+
From 10th September 2013 by law all PSV drivers will have to carry there driver CPC card with them at all times, if stopped by DVSA or the police and they do not have this with them they will not be allowed to move the vehicle any further with or without passengers.
Please do not hesitate to ask any driver of NT Exec to see their driver CPC card
(drivers for NT Exec should have with them their driver CPC card, drivers license and if required for a specific vehicle a digital tachograph card)
You can use also use the DVSA operator search facilities on this site to check to see if you are booking with a legitimate operator